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274. Turn Your Words into Weapons – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Marianne Gobeil shares insights about effective communications.

273. The Medium of Powerful Messages – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Mark Campbell of VMG shares secrets about how to leverage cost-effective video to generate new business and build a stronger brand.

272. Dig It Handwear: From Hand to Home Depot – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. The founders of Dig It Handwear share their story and learnings about product production and product distribution.

271. Email Strategies that Deliver – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Aubrey Stork, one of Canada’s leading email marketing guru’s provides practical tips on how to use email to generate revenues and repair under-performing email marketing campaigns.

270. ” …Designing it Right.. .” – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Catherine Graham, Managing Director at the Toronto-based promotional items supplier, Right Sleeve talks about trends in the promotions industry and provides insights about how to get the most from your investment in promotional items.

269. “Hot” Cold Calls – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Carrie Simpson, founder of ColdCalls.ca, shares insights about how to design a cold call campaign that effectively engages customers/prospects.

268. Aeroplan…and the Keys to Customer Loyalty – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Aeroplan’s VP, Marketing, David Klein shares insights about how to build and sustain an effective loyalty program for growing business.

267. Be Great – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Century 21 Canada’s founder Peter Thomas discusses his latest book, which outlines what it takes to create and sustain a great business and a great life.

266. Best Buy Top 10 in 10 – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Best Buy Canada’s President and COO, Mike Pratt, answers our Top 10 Business Challenges…in 10 minutes.

265. Achievers – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Razor Suleman gives us the inside scoop on Achievers, one of Canada’s business success stories.

264. Spin Galactic Toronto – with Gold ‘n’ Brown.  Ryan Fisher, Operating Partner at Spin Galactic shares the story behind the latest entertainment business — a ping pong night club.

263. Small Business Forum 2012 – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Katherine Roos, Manager, Small Business, Economic Development and Culture, City of Toronto provides the inside scoop on the Small Business Forum 2012 event.

262. Eventbrite – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Julia Harts, Co-founder and President of the world-leader in event tools, Eventbrite, reveals some of the secrets of the company’s rapid and explosive success.

261. Innovating Seniors for Seniors – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Peter Cook, Founder and President of Seniors for Seniors shares his insights about leading a business aimed at Canada’s fastest growing and wealthiest market segment.

260. The Healthy Butcher – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. The Healthy Butcher ‘s Co-founder, Mario Fiorucci shares his secrets about how to be successful when establishing/managing a specialty food retailer.

259. Mental Health in the Workplace – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Paula Allen, Partner, Consulting and VP Health Solutions at Morneau Sheppell shares practical insights about how business owners/leaders can plan for, and address, mental illness issues in the workplace.

258. American Marketing Association – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Craig Lund, President of the American Marketing Association (Toronto Chapter) and President of the specialized recruiting firm Marketing Talent Inc. shares key insights about the marketing profession.

257. Best Buy and the Future of Retail – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Mike Pratt, President and COO of Best Buy Canada shares insights about the retail giant and the industry as a whole.

256. Insanely Simple Elements – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Apple insider and author Ken Segall is back — sharing more insights about the business principles that drive success for the world leading multinational.

255. Guru Coaching – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Ron Bremner, President of the Gold Medal Coaching Group shares insights gathered from years of successfully coaching C-suite executives.

254. Yogurty”s and The Competitive Landscape – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Aaron Serruya, President and CEO of Yogurty’s, Yogen Fruz and the Canadian Juice Company (the master franchisor of Jamba Juice in Canada) reveals how he plans to keep his company ahead of the many U.S.-based competitors that are entering into Canada with similar offerings.

253. Insanely Simple – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Creative Director for Apple Inc.’s ad agency Ken Segall shares stories about how Steve Jobs strove for simplicity as a stepping stone for global success.

252. Branding and the Entrepreneur – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Arlene Dickinson, CEO of Venture Communications (and panelist on CBC’s the Dragons’ Den) shares key lessons about how to achieve an effective marketing balance.

251. The Softchoice Way – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Dave MacDonald, CEO and President of Softchoice, one of North America’s largest I.T. solutions providers, shares the company’s approach for attracting and retaining great employees.

250. The Magic of Location Based Marketing – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Location Based Marketing Association (LBMA) Founder Asif Khan shares insights about how business owners/leaders can tap into the vast potential created by marketing that is based on location.

249 – Managing Personal Information – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. We get the inside scoop on the new Carswell publication, Managing Personal Information – Insights on Corporate Risk and Opportunity for Privacy-Savvy Leaders .

248 – Constant Contact – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Lisa Kember shares her story behind augmenting her successful business by adopting the role of  Regional Development Director for email marketing provider Constant Contact.

247. Kids, Privacy and Profits – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. David Fono, Co-founder of Atmosphere Industries shares the thinking behind GamingPrivacy.org — an initiative that involved the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada — and aimed at helping children become more aware of threats to their privacy online.

246. BackChecking Employees – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. David Dinesen, President and CEO of BackCheck shares the story behind his company and its recent acquisition by industry-leader Sterling Infosystems.

245. New Social Media Tools – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Matthew Vernhout, TC Media’s Director, Delivery & ISP Relations provides some practical insights on today’s social media tools for business/owners leaders.

244. Actionable Books – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Founder of Actionable Books, Chris Taylor shares with us the evolution of a company that strives to always keep business leaders/owners current on best practices.

243. Healthcare Strategies for Business Owners – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Medisys’ VP Medical Affairs, Dr. Vivien Brown provides insights about the healthcare issues facing today’s businesses — and how to better plan for the m.

242. Cash Flow Management….in 2012 – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. American Express Canada, VP and General Manager, Small Business Services, Athena Varmazis shares insights about managing cash flow — based on the results of Amex’s most recent Monitor Report.

241. PayPal…and Payment Processing – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. PayPal Canada’s Managing Partner, Darrell MacMullin shares insights about the payment processing industry and PayPal’s newest product innovation.

240. How to Become a Rainmaker – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Jeff Fox shares practical tips for “rainmaker wannabees”.

239. Digital Leader – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Erik Qualman, author of Digital Leader shares his five keys to success and influence.

238. Strategic Alliances – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Phil Hogg, President of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (Toronto Chapter) discusses key considerations when establishing/evaluating strategic alliances.

237. Control. Alt. Delete  – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Twist Image’s Mitch Joel reveals digital marketing insights that will appear in his forthcoming book, Control. Alt. Delete .

236. Ensuring Product Success – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. John Boynton, EVP Marketing, Chief Marketing Officer at Rogers Communications shares his insights about how Rogers brings new products to market.

235. What Would Steve Jobs Do? – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Peter Sander discusses his book ” What Would Steve Jobs Do? ” which describes the key lessons of the late business leader.

234. Innovation, Engagement and Community – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Peter Aceto, President and CEO of ING DIRECT Canada, shares his reflections on business in 2011 and thoughts on 2012.

233. Innovation and the Serial Entrepreneur – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Albert Lai, Co-Founder/CEO of Big Viking Games (and a handful of other successful ventures), shares his thoughts about innovation and securing capital investments.

232. Autodesk — Challenges and Innovation – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Marc Petit, Autodesk’s SVP, Media and Entertainment discusses how the innovative software company has successfully adapted to become recognized as a world-leader.

231. Networking in the LinkedIn Age – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Jennifer Beale shares tips for increasing results from your networking efforts.

230. Multiplicity Accelerator – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Rajah Lehal and Chris Kay, co-founders of Multiplicity Accelerator share the story behind their new company and how they help businesses grow.

229. Rethinking the Sales Cycle – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. John Holland, co-author of the bestselling Customer Centric Selling shares practical tips and insights from his newest book Rethinking the Sales Cycle .

228. Work-Life Integration – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Senior career coach Ellen White shares practical insights for establishing and sustaining an effective work/non-work balance.

227.  2011 Rewind – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Robert and I review some of 2011’s most compelling BusinessCast guests and the lessons that they brought to life for entrepreneurs and executives.

225. Employee Attraction and Retention – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Director, Small Business Services, American Express Canada, Abhi Rege shares the findings/insights from the latest national Small Business Monitor — the topic: how to attract and retain your employees.

224. The Ostrich Syndrome – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Bruce Hunter, President and CEO of Lighthouse 360 provides key advice that will help you avoid falling into a common trap that prevents many entrepreneurs from successfully selling their business: the ostrich syndrome.

223. Angels and Entrepreneurs – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Venture Alberta’s CEO Randy Thompson shares critical insights into the all important “Angel Investor”.

222. Bridging Business….and Science – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Seasoned scientist and business insider John Doemer provides a global perspective on Canadian businesses’ current and future innovation trajectory.

221. Planet D – Entrepreneurs on the Adventure Highway – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Founders Dave Bouskill and Derbra Corbeil share how they established themselves as one of Canada’s leading authorities on adventure travel.

220. Play Taxi Media – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Founder, President and CEO, Zachary Killam, shares the story behind the launch of Play Taxi Media.

219. Double Double – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Cameron Herold, former COO of 1-800-Got-Junk, shares insights on business success from his bestseller ” Double Double “.

218. HR Resolution – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Carrie Wilks, President of HR Resolution shares practical advice for helping owners/leaders anticipate and address today’s most common Human Resources challenges.

217. The Pitch Debrief – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. We sit down with the panel of investors appearing on BNN’s The Pitch to get the inside scoop of when entrepreneurs should/should not receive investment capital.

216. Leadership and Management – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Lloyd Taylor, Founder and President of Taylor Label and Eric Nielsen, Vice President and General Manager, Small Business Services for the Amex Bank of Canada discuss how to be more effective leaders and managers.

215. Leveraging Social Media – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. The Social Media Group’s President, Maggie Fox tackles a serious business problem by tapping into the unique power of social media.

214. How to Choose and Work with a P.R. Firm – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Fleishman-Hillards, Senior Vice President and Partner David Kaiser provides practical advice on how and when to best choose/work with a public relations firm.

213.  The Practical Tax Man Cometh – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Peter Aprile, Counsel at ATX Law shares advice on how to best work with a tax lawyer in order to avoid tax issues from derailing your business.

212. Small Business Tapping Into Local Government (and the Small Business Forum, 2011) – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Katherine Roos, Small Business Manager, Economic Development and Culture for the City of Toronto shares practical tips for how entrepreneurs can leverage local government initiatives to help their businesses succeed.

211. Amex Small Business Monitor (“X”) – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Amex’s VP and General Manager, Small Business Services, Eric Nielsen shares the results from the latest Amex Small Business Monitor.

210. Absolute Software – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. With the risks, and associated costs of losing business data at an all-time high, we sat down with Absolute Software’s CEO John Livingston. John shared insights about business’ data exposures and the company’s own impressive growth trajectory.

209. Getting Innovative Products to Market…Fast! – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Our special guest, Simon Brightman, Director, Product Management at Points.com shares practical advice on how companies can structure themselves for innovation…and therefore success!

208. Art Battle – Gold ‘n’ Brown . Art Battle’s founder Simon Plashkes shares the inspiration behind combining art and competition in a way that generates enthusiasm, a loyal audience and revenues.

207. CertaPro – with Gold ‘n’ Brown.  CertaPro’s Regional VP, North Region, Marty Natterer, provides the inside story about how CertaPro has successfully ensured consistency and innovation — two business elements that often work against one another.

206. Workspace for the Mobile Workforce – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Regus’ VP, Canada, Wes Lenci shares his insights about how and why business are adopting more flexible workspaces.

205. The Business of Beer – Part 1 . Robert introduces the first in a series of BusinessCast episodes focusing on the trends, innovations and movers and shakers in a specific industry — the beer industry.

204. Let’s Make a Deal…uxe – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Dealuxe.ca’s co-founder and CEO, Joanna Track shares lessons that she has applied to build Canada’s newest “deal” site.

203. LinkedIn – One Year Later – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. LinkedIn Canada’s Country Manager, Brian Church shares insights about the Canadian operations of LinkedIn.

202. Business Wisdom of the Beatles – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Authors of ” Come Together: The Business Wisdom of the Beatles ” share their inspiration behind the book and some of the key lessons that they draw from the world’s most successful band.

201. Cash for 10 to 15 – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Devon Cranson of Cranson Capital sets the record straight for business leaders who are looking to secure future rounds of funding (e.g. after achieving 10 to 15 years of business success).

200. Powering “Generation Now” – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. ScribbleLive’s founder and CEO, Michael De Monte shares the inspiration behind, and surprises involved in, launching an innovative  “real time” news service.

199. The BusinessCast – Top 10 in 10 – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. President and Founder of the Murphy Group of Restaurants shares key insights on today’s and tomorrow’s business successes…in just 10 minutes.

198. Avoiding Succession Train Wrecks – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Sean Graham gives us a crash course on how to prepare for and avoid legal issues that can turn a succession into a train wreck.

197. Clearfit: Tapping Into a Hire Power with Gold ‘n’ Brown. ClearFit’s co-founder Ben Baldwin shares insights about how companies can cost-effectively reduce the costs and risks involved in hiring the wrong people.

196. Tenzing and Cloud Computing – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Tenzing Managed Services’ founder and CEO Brian Shepard shares the story of Tenzing’s growth and the role cloud computing plays today in successfully running a business.

195. Freshbooks with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Freshbooks’ CEO Mike McDerment reveals the secrets behind how his company has been able to grow to become a true Canadian business success story.

194. Work Better…Together – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Rypple’s co-CEO and founder, Daniel Debow shares his insights about how companies can better engage their employees in performance management programs.

193. Versapay – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Bill McGill, CEO of Versapay provides a compelling financial argument why Canadian businesses should immediately re-examine their current payment systems and technologies.

192. Success by Association – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. David Brown, a Co-Founder of the Exempt Market Dealers Association shares secrets behind how to effectively establish and sustain a powerful business Association.

191. Transition to Success – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Our guest David Simpson, Executive Director of the Business Families Centre (Richard Ivey School of Business) shares practical insights about how to make business ownership decisions and processes much more successful.

190. Facebook for Business – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Facebook Canada’s Managing Director, Jordan Banks provides key advice for any business looking to optimize their use of the world’s most popular social networking tool, Facebook.

189. Enchantment – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Serial entrepreneur and international author Guy Kawasaki talks about enchanting audiences to facilitate innovation and change.

188. The Creative Director – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Freelance Creative Director, Vanessa Rementilla shares key insights about how to get the most out of your company’s senior creative professionals.

187. Relationship Marketing for Entrepreneurs – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Pairachute’s President, Erin Green reviews the thinking behind her new kind of recruitment agency.

186. Finding Opportunities in a Crowded Space – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Olive Media’s President, Simon Jennings shares his insights about how to successfully compete in a competitive industry that is evolving quickly and frequently.

185. Insights from a Hiring Guru – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. ClearFit’s co-founder Ben Baldwin shares insights about employee assessment as a critical tool for ensuring your company’s growth and success.

184. The Business of Beer with Gold ‘n’ Brown. beerbistro ‘s Kathleen McGinn shares lessons she’s learned while successfully launching and managing a business through difficult times in a highly competitive and unforgiving industry.

183. Mint.com with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Mint.com’s founder Aaron Patzer shares the story behind how the company continually achieves phenomenal growth and innovation.

182. Location Based Marketing with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Asif Khan, the founder of the Location Based Marketing Association (LBMA) describes why this new Association is capturing the attention of businesses leaders and marketers around the world.

181. The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. International author Carmine Gallo dissects the approach to continuous innovation applied by Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple Inc.

180. Leveraging Customer Input – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Fuse Marketing Group’s Jeff Pontes shares key insights about how and when to gather and integrate customer input to ensure on-going business innovation and success.

179. A Social Network for Entrepreneurs – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. CEO Sarah Prevette shares with us the story behind Sprouter.com, a site that serves as a social network designed to help entrepreneurs succeed.

178. Strategic Alliances for Entrepreneurs – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. WWF-Canada’s VP, Strategic Partnerships, Hadley Archer provides key insights to help any leader who is looking to leverage strategic allies to grow their business.

177. It s a Jungle in There – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Rain Forest Cafe s energetic founder Steve Schussler shares some of his secrets of success as well as stories from his new book for business leaders, It s a Jungle in There .

176. Taking the Pulse of Business – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Product Marketing Leader, Barb Anderson at Intuit (Global Business Division) shares key findings from a recent survey that measures how business leaders are feeling about their opportunities for growth in 2011.

175. The Dragons’ Den BusinessCast – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Senior CBC journalist and host of television’s The Dragons’ Den , Dianne Buckner, shares secrets about how to pitch your business to mainstream media and other demanding audiences.

174. Legal Bear Traps – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Joe Milstone identifies the most common legal “bear traps” that entrepreneurs find themselves in and how to avoid them.

173. The Minister of Labour – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Ontario’s Minister of Labour, Peter Fonseca identifies the value the Ministry brings to business leaders/owners and how to tap into that important resource.

172. The Google BusinessCast – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Google Canada’s Country Director, Chris O’Neill shares his insights about Google and the secrets to their success.

171. Using Social Media to Protect Your Reputation – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Dave Fleet, VP, Digital of Edelman (Toronto) provides practical advice on how to use social media to turn a potential public relations disaster into a public relations triumph.

170. Management? It’s Not What You Think – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Internationally renowned business thought-leader, trainer and author, Dr. Henry Mintzberg talks about his newest business book and the challenges facing today’s business managers/leaders.

169.  12 Restaurants, 2 Hotels and 1 Brewery – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. President and Founder of the Murphy Group of Restaurants, Kevin Murphy shares the story how he became one of Canada’s most successful entrepreneurs.

168. Top 10 in 10 with John Sculley – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Former President/CEO of both Pepsi and Apple, John Sculley is back with us again. This time, he shares his thoughts about today’s business environment and opportunities…all in just 10 minutes.

167. Getting LinkedIn in Canada – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Jonathan Lister, LinkedIn’s Country Manager shares with us LinkedIn Canada’s expansion plans and insights about opening a branch office of an established brand.

166. Leadership: Power, Authority and Influence – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Harvard business expert Barbara Kellerman talks about her latest book which identifies leadership lessons from famous historical figures.

165. Hyper-Competition – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Former President/CEO of both Pepsi and Apple, John Sculley, shares his insights about how to thrive when your business faces hyper-competition .

164. Entrepreneur Success Story – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Distility Branding’s Axle Davids shares the story behind the growth of their growing business.

163. Wisdom in Listening – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Evan Thompson of Thompson Wiley & Associates shares his entrepreneur success story — which truly demonstrates the value of listening.

162. Entrepreneur Bear Traps with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Entrepreneur authority Rick Spence, Robert and I discuss today`s most common business hazards in the areas of strategy, marketing, operations, finance and human resources.

161. Amex Small Business Index – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Small and medium-sized businesses have a tremendous influence on the state of the North American economy. So, we sat down with Eric Nielsen, American Express’ VP & General Manager, Small Business Services, Amex Bank of Canada to dig into their Nation-wide survey on growing businesses .

160. Social Media Metrics – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. We sit down with Jim Sterne who is one of the World`s foremost experts on online measurement to tackle the thorny issue of measuring the effectiveness of social media.

159. Lessons from Retail – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. We sit down with Lloyd Perlmutter, former President of the Canadian divisions of The Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy, to get his insights — drawn from the retail industry — that should be applied across all industries and are practical for all entrepreneurs.

158. BusinessCast Top 10 in 10 – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Our first in a new series, where two business leaders answer 10 critical questions in just 10 minutes! For the first episode in this series, our guests are Carl Yankowski, former CEO of Palm, Reebok and Sony Electronics as well as Steve Smith, former CEO of WestJet and Zip Air.

157. Navigating Smart Growth – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Bruce Hunter, Former VP & GM, Kraft shares key insights about growth that all entrepreneurs face before they achieve long-term success.

156. LinkedIn: Lessons for Entrepreneurs – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Arvind Rajan, LinkedIn’s, VP, International shares the secrets of LinkedIn’s success as well as how businesses are using the online tool to remain competitive.

155. Improving Customer Experience with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Stephen Smith, former President and CEO of WestJet and Zip Air shares insights about how entrepreneurs can create the customer experience that will ensure continued growth and success.

154. Lean Enterprises – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Richard Shaw from the enpower group shares principles and tips on how entrepreneurs can increase the productivity of their work processes by making them “lean”.

153. Big Lessons from Big Business – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Carl Yankowski, former CEO of Reebok, Palm and Sony Electronics shares insights, stories and tips for entrepreneurs.

152. A Notable Entrepreneur – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Notable TV’s Founder and President, Julian Brass shares secrets and insights behind his rapid success.

151. Entrepreneuirsm: Alive and Kicking! – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Intuit’s Country Manager, Gene Lewis, shares key findings from their cross-Canada report on entrepreneurism.

150. Understanding and Influencing People – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Business coach and trainer Jeff Hendler shares powerful tips that entrepreneurs can use to “get through” to people — to achieve substantial and positive impact.

149. Buy Me! – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. The NPD Group’s Chief Industry Analyst, Marshal Cohen, highlights some of his/his firm’s insights about why people make their purchasing decisions.

148. eMetrics for Entrepreneurs – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Jim Sterne, the entrepreneur behind the eMetrics Summits shares with us his story and why this event is critical for all marketers and business leaders.

147. P.R. for Entrepreneurs: Finding the Value – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Edelman’s General Manager Sylvain Perron shares key tips to help business leaders leverage their P.R. firms.

146. Mitch Joel – Six Pixels of Separation – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Mitch Joel talks about his ground-breaking book.

145. Fotobabble – A Social Media Innovation – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. We get the inside scoop from the mind behind what could be the next big social media business.

144. Seth Godin and The Art of Marketing – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. The World’s best known marketing thought leader shares some of his advice for today’s entrepreneurs — from behind the scenes at The Art of Marketing Conference.

143. The Mitch Joel Interview – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. International author, successful entrepreneur and new media expert shares the secrets of his success and how to leverage social media.

142. Choosing the Right Buyer – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Thindata 1:1’s President Chris Carder shares key insights for any entrepreneur looking to sell their business.

141. The Boss’s Survival Guide – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. International author Bob Rosner shares some actionable insights from his updated business best seller, The Boss’s Survival Guide .

140. A New Breed of Entrepreneur – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Stella & Dot’s CEO/President, Jessica Herrin shares with us how she’s grown a wildly successful direct sales business from $3 million to $33 million in under three years.

139. Managing the Numbers – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Intuit’s senior marketer Barb Anderson shares practical tips on how to get a handle on the financial data that is running — often rampant — in your company.

138. Ensuring Client Retention – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Thindata 1:1’s VP of Account Management, Benjamin McAlister, shares with us practical tips to help you keep your most important customers. Since you’ve invested time and effort in securing customers take these short- and long-term steps to ensure that they are always a source of revenue, referral and valuable insights.

137. Leaders, Managers and Challenges – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. The Financial Post’s John Turley-Ewart shares his insights about the key skills today’s business executives need to succeed.

136. Social Media – Part 5 – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. The two co-founders of Biz Launch are back. This time the four of us discuss practical advice based on the latest findings of how Canadian growth companies are using social media tools and technologies.

135. Getting On Board – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Listen to how Greig Clark, Founder of College Pro Painters, thinks leaders of growth-focused companies should get involved with Advisory Boards — as active members and as recipients of valuable business insights.

134. Q&A – Part 2 – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. We sit down with the founders of BizLaunch — Canada’s leading trainer for new and growing companies — to answer some of the most commonly asked questions sent to us from leaders of today’s growth companies.

133. Be Prepared: Continuity Planning – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. We review some of the key lessons from American Express’ latest cross-Canada research about continuity planning with VP, Marketing, Howard Grosfield.

132. Q&A – Part 1 – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. We sit down with the founder of Century 21 Realtors, Peter Thomas to address some of the most commonly posed questions from entrepreneurs — of organizations in all sizes, ages and industries.

131. The Art of Storytelling for Business Success – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Robert and I sit down with Chris Carder, President of ThinData. A Transcontinental Company. Chris shares some key lessons to help entrepreneurs harness the tremendous power of telling compelling business stories.

130. Choosing the Right Social Medial Tools – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Robert and I speak with social media guru Michael Seaton. He shares with us the social media essentials for all entrepreneurs.

129. Privacy for Business Success – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Robert and I get the inside scoop from Ontario’s Privacy Commissioner and the two co-authors of the newest toolkit designed to help entrepreneurs leverage privacy to build business.

128. The Role Timing Plays in Business Success – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Resolver’s President, Steve Taylor shares his insights about key timing considerations and the importance of planning business readiness .

127. Finding, Hiring and Motivating the Right Employees – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. We sit down with Chris Carder who shares with us how to recruit and retain exceptional professionals.

126. Investing in Innovation – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. We sit down with David Ceolin who shares with us key criteria and processes for evaluating entrepreneurs and their innovative ideas.

125. Starting and Growing Your Business – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Robert and I sit down with Mary Aitken, founder of Canada’s premiere women’s networking club, Verity. Mary is one of Canada’s true business success stories — having built a vibrant club, a world-class restaurant, a spa and a luxurious hotel.

124. Buying Technology – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. We get the inside story about how entrepreneurs should evaluate, select, purchase and integrate fundamental business technologies from Samsung’s expert Marco Nalli.

123. Crisis? What Crisis – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Robert and I gather insights from crisis communications expert, Dr. Allan Bonner.

122. Smart Book Smarts – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. We review three leading-edge practical business books that are just “hitting the shelves” in late 2009/2010. The books will help you address core challenges such as: (i) selling to senior executives; (ii) inspiring your team; and (iii) tapping into the newest generation of business innovators.

121. Entrepreneurs In Action – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Robert and I are official media once again! This time it’s at the 7th Annual Business Networking Night — where we find out how up-and-coming entrepreneurs are successfully tackling their most difficult challenges.

120. The Guy Kawasaki Interview – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. We sit down with one of the World’s foremost entrepreneurs and advisor to budding entrepreneurs — Guy Kawasaki.

119. Penetrating New Markets – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Robert and I discuss how Tony Lourakis, CEO of Complete Innovations, successfully penetrated new markets.

118. Green Trends in Business – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. We sit down with Rob Colman — Senior Editor of Green Business magazine . Rob shares with us what he sees are the latest trends in “greening businesses” and the opportunities that presents for entrepreneurs like you.

117. Family. Business. And, Wealth – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Robert and I explore one of the core challenges for every entrepreneur: ensuring wealth is created and sustained. To do this, we sit down with Thomas Deans, author of the truly practical, insightful and widely-acclaimed book, Every Family’s Business.

116. Business by Inspiration – Part 1 – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. We sit down with P.R. and networking professional Jennifer Beale to get her take on key business lessons and tap into some of her inspiration.

115. Business Trends – Part 1 – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. We review the importance of keeping on top of business trends that span industries with McKinsey & Co’s Partner Sascha Ghai.

114. Success by Association – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Robert and I continue to delve into the many roles that business groups play in entrepreneurs’ success. This time we sit down with The Toronto Board of Trade’s President and CEO, Carol Wilding.

113. Overcoming Common Sales Objections – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. The most effective way to tackle sales objections is to “play out” scenarios. That’s why Robert and I ran through the most common sales objections with award-winning sales guru Warren Coughlin. See this episode’s blogpost for additional resources.

112. Greening Your Business – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Should you green your business? Should you do it now ? Where do you start? We sit down with Grass Roots Store President, Rob Grand to gather some key insights.

111. Business by Association – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Have you ever wondered if you should get involved in a professional Association to build your business and enrich your life? The Canadian Association of Women Executives and Entrepreneur’s President, Beth Parker, shares her powerful insights about how leading an Association can help you accomplish both goals.

110. The Road to Succession – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Robert and I tackle the thorny entrepreneur issue of business succession, particularly for the family-started or family-managed business. To do so, we sit down with succession guru and acclaimed author John Geddes.

109b. We announce the winner of the “Entrepreneur Be Bold” contest. We’ve had some great entries over the last few months. Listen to hear the entrepreneur that won this powerful smartphone . BTW, a new contest will begin soon…so, stay tuned.

109a. The Entrepreneur and the Netbook – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Robert and I identify critical criteria and resources to help all entrepreneurs choose the netbook that will be right for them and their business.

109. I.T. Support for Entrepreneurs – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. We gather tips about securing the right I.T. support with Thinkquick’s Michael Donovan. Michael has extensive experience providing I.T. advice on hardware, software and systems to companies of all sizes. See this episode’s blogpost for related notes.

108. Essential Networking Rules . Robert and I have gathered 15 tips that help meet entrepreneurs’ most critical networking goals. Also review the supporting blog that has a round-up of fast and easy networking resources .

107. ** Special Interview with Maclean’s National Editor Andrew Coyne ** – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Robert and I gather Andrew Coyne’s insights about entrepreneurs.

106. After the Money: Winning the Entrepreneur Lottery – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Robert and I sat down with John Loewen, CEO of a successful specialty private equity investment bank to discuss how business life changes for entrepreneurs once investment funds are acquired. See this episode’s blogpost for related notes.

105. Making the Most of Common Networking Scenarios – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Robert and I discuss with Liz Lynch how to take advantage of three very common networking situations. See this episode’s blogpost for other related notes.

104. Leveraging LinkedIn – Online Networking for Entrepreneurs – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Robert and I chat with Doyle Slayton on how to cost-effectively leverage the Internet’s most popular online networking tool. See this episode’s blogpost for useful LinkedIn-related links.

103. Entrepreneurs: Get in the News! – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Robert and I chat with Gerry Nicholls — one of Canada’s media guru’s — about how to quickly and cost-effectively build relationships with media people …so that you can increase your company’s public profile.

102. Classified Information: Living the Entrepreneur Spirit Within an eBay Company – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Robert and I talk with Kijiji’s Eric Pierni about how entrepreneurship sustains one of Canada’s outstanding online success stories.

101. Leveraging the Groundswell – Going Social – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Robert and I talk with Charlene Li, co-author of Groundswell about how entrepreneurs can effectively leverage social media.

100. Cost Cutting for Entrepreneurs – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Robert and I review some of the cost cutting tactics that can be implemented across the company — in the short and long term.

99. Grown Up Digital – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. We talk with international author and futurist, Don Tapscott about how entrepreneurs can ensure their business successes and leverage new opportunities by recognizing and adapting to those who have Grown Up Digital .

98. Financial Intelligence – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. We sit down with Harvard book co-author Joe Knight as he gives us insights into an essential book for every business owner and operator — Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs .

97. Franchising for Entrepreneurs – Live! – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. We’re official members of the Media — live on the floor at the Canadian Franchise Association Show. We get some great nuggets from three of Canada’s innovative and exciting franchisors.

96. Email Marketing for Entrepreneurs – Bootcamp Part 2 – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Special guest and email guru, Matthew Vernhout, tackles in depth the critical email marketing topics that complement those covered in Email Marketing for Entrepreneurs – Bootcamp Part 1 .

95. Connecting for Business Success – with Gold ‘n’ Brown – Special guest, Donna Messer, President, ConnectUs Communications Canada discusses ways of growing and connecting with members of your network.

94. Franchising for Entrepreneurs – with Gold ‘n’ Brown – Special guest, Lorraine McLachlan, President & CEO of the Canadian Franchise Association shares insights about franchising trends and opportunities.

93. Email Marketing for Entrepreneurs – Bootcamp Part 1 – with Gold ‘n’ Brown – Special guest, emailKarma.net’s Matthew Vernhout tackles the first three (of six) components necessary for any successful email marketing campaign.

92. Networking for Entrepreneurs – with Gold ‘n’ Brown – Special guest, Liz Lynch, accomplished networking guru and author of Smart Networking discusses her book and tips to help every entrepreneur succeed at networking.

91. M obile Marketing – The Ultimate Starter Kit – with Gold ‘n’ Brown – Special guest, Mickey Alam Khan, Mobile Marketer’s Editor-in-Chief, answers the questions that all entrepreneurs face when planning their mobile marketing initiatives.

90. The Long And Winding Road (to the Future) – with Gold ‘n’ Brown – Robert and Andrew identify the topics that they will be exploring in upcoming episodes of the BusinessCast Podcast.

89. Greatest Hits Vol. 3 – with Gold ‘n’ Brown – Robert and Andrew re-cap many of the critical topics, learnings and guests from shows #67 to #88 along with related blogposts.

88. A Business Passion Play – with Gold ‘n’ Brown – Special guest Paul Chato (President of Your Web Department and member of the Canadian comedy troupe the Frantics ) shares a handful of ways to re-kindle passion in your business.

87. Coming in from the Fog – with Gold ‘n’ Brown – Special guest Bruce Hunter shares insights from the most senior levels of Fortune 500 companies that are immediately applicable to all entrepreneurs.

86. Winning the Sales Fight – with Gold ‘n’ Brown – Special guest Nicole Jansen shares tips on how to overcome the most common sales objections.

85. Working for You and Your Business – with Gold ‘n’ Brown – Special guest Catherine Swift talks about the important role of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business for entrepreneurs.

84. How to Find the Perfect Business Partner – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

83. Mobil-izing Your Business – The Blackberry Interviews (Part 2) – Special guest Michael Younder, Research in Motion’s senior product marketer shares thoughts about Blackberry applications and hardware with hosts Gold ‘n’ Brown.

82. Risky Business – Helping Entrepreneurs Tackle Business Risks (Part 1) – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Robert and I discuss some common business risks and tactics for dealing with them. Our special guest is John Klotz.

81. Show Me the Money! How Entrepreneurs Can Improve Cash Flow – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Robert and I review some easy-to-implement methods for keeping your cash flow healthy.

80. Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Robert and I, along with guest Robin Kennedy, talk about some of the challenges that occur when your workplace mixes different generations.

79. A Cold Call Warm-Up – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Cold calls don’t have to be scarry — if they are conducted for the right reason, at the right time, by the right people and have realistic expectations. Listen for some practical advice (also check out the related blog postings).

78. Coaching for Success – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Have you ever thought about using a business coach? Our guest Robin Kennedy provides some insights.

77. The Office. Party. – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Hosting office parties can help your business succeed. Listen to find out how.

76. When a Key Employee Leaves – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Robert and I discuss how you can make the best of this type of situation.

75. Don’t Hang Up – Mobile Marketing for Entrepreneurs – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Mobile marketing is one of the newest marketing technologies and can help if done properly.

74. Money Magnet – Interview with Author J.B. Lowen – with Gold ‘n’ Brown. Author J.B. Lowen reviews her book: Money Magnet — which has to be one of the most practical resources for entrepreneurs seeking funding at any stage of their business.

73. Part 2- Hockey Lessons for Business – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

72. BusinessCast Blog Review – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

71. Hockey Lessons for Business – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

70. 13 Steps to Perfect Public Speaking – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

69. Business Success by The Numbers – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

68. Incentives That Sell – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

67. Building Your Public Profile: The Media Kit – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

66. BusinessCast Greatest Hits – Volume 2 – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

65. Gadgets That Help the Bottom Line – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

64. Blogging For Business – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

63. Good Deeds That Drive Business – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

62. Talk Yourself Into Business – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

61. The Perfect Pitch – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

60. Trade Your Business – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

59. Get New Employees Up And Running – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

58. Fine Tuning Your Business – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

57. Email Marketing For Entrepreneurs – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

56. Brochure vs. Web Site Slamdown – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

55. Feedback – Or Is It Just Noise? – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

54. Top 10 Business Start-Up Tips – with the BusinessCast Roundtable

53. Back To The Future – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

52. BusinessCast Greatest Hits Volume 1 – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

51. How To Get The Most Out Of Your Advisors – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

50. How To Steal Your Next Customer – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

49. Steal Your Next Customer! – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

48. Corporate Gift Giving Part 2 – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

47. Corporate Gift Giving Part 1 – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

46. OMG Wow Client Service – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

45. Firing A Client Before You Get Burned – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

44. How To Achieve Business Success – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

43. The Recession Session Part 2 – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

42. The Recession Session Part 1 – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

41. Your Brand – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

40. Profit Audits and More – with Gold ‘n’ Brown

39. The Gold ‘n’ Brown Experiment – live ‘on-the-scene’ Business Ramblings

38. The Small Business Web Site Checklist

37. Package Your Deals

36. Turn Interviews To Your Advantage

35. What The Older Client Wants

34. Coaching Your Sales Team

33. Keep Your Web Customers Happy

32. Get In Sync With Your Customers

31. Protect Yourself From Harassment Lawsuits – Part 2

30. Protecting Intellectual Property

29. Avoid Those Price Wars

28. Analyze Your Customers For Profits

27. Save Big Bucks On Advertising

26. Train Your Staff To Make Profits Not Just Sales

25. Use Simple Technology To Increase Profits

24. The Fine Art Of Setting Your Prices

23. Successful Foreign Business Travel

22, Train Those Training Costs

21, Raise Your Company’s Profile For Little Or No Cost

20. Sales Meetings

19. Know Your Prospects

18. Protect Your Company From Harassment Lawsuits-Part 1

17. Learn From Your Customers

16. Find Your Unique Selling Proposition

15. Business By Philosophy

14. Mission Statements

13. Be A Hands On Manager To Maximize Profits

12. Pulling The Plug On Employee Theft

11. Dump Some Customers

10. Cell Phone Use By Employees While Driving

9. Avert Sabotage By Former Employees

8. Salary Tips And Tricks

7. Repeat Business and Customer Retention

6. Train Everyone About Sales

5. Successfully Negotiating A Lease

4. 6 Stages Of World Class Customer Service

3. Keep An Eye On Your Company’s Computer Activities

2. Should You Monitor Employee Internet Use?

1. Viral And Contagious Marketing

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