Media/Sponsor Kit

The BusinessCast podcast provides quantifiable business results for all advertisers seeking to build reputation and/or revenues with the growing entrepreneur market in Canada .

So that you can evaluate the benefits you will receive by advertising in the BusinessCast Podcast, review the BusinessCast Podcast Media Kit which answers all of the most commonly asked advertiser questions, specifically:

1. What is the audience of the BusinessCast podcast?

2. Is the BusinessCast recognized as credible with my targeted audience?

3. In what other ways will the BusinessCast increase the profile of my products and/or services?

4. How will I know that advertising in the BusinessCast has worked to promote my product/service?

5. What are the advertising options in the BusinessCast?

6. Will the BusinessCast generate sales and build positive brand association?

Review the BusinessCast Podcast Media Kit

For details about how you can advertise in the BusinessCast to reach the entrepreneur market, contact: Robert Gold ( ).

You can also find out more about the BusinessCast .

You can also review previous episodes of the BusinessCast .

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