W elcome to the B usiness Cast

We’ve hit the “Big Time”….Again!

After being The Financial Post ‘s chosen business podcast for several years, The BusinessCast is once again widening its impact with business leaders across Canada and the United States.

The BusinessCast, Canada’s #1 business podcast, is now published by PROFIT, Canada’s leading media brand for entrepreneurs and innovative SMB executives. Listen to the newest episodes by visiting the BusinessCast page on PROFITguide.com .

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BusinessCast is the first business podcast chosen by National sponsors (American Express, Rogers, Samsung and Imagewear) to cost-effectively reach and build trust with entrepreneurs across Canada

financialpost.com EXECUTIVE
The BusinessCast Is
The Financial Post
Executive Podcast

Extract From November 2009 VUE Magazine
BusinessCast validated as a critical marketing tool in VUE, the official journal of the Market Research and Intelligence Association

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